Visit Mtskheta georgias ancient capital

Mtskheta old town

Mtskheta has been the spiritual center of Georgia since 327 AD due to the expansion of Christianity. And it has a very important place in Georgian culture. It was already the capital of most of eastern Georgia about the third century BC. And remained so until the 5th century AD. After that King Vakhtang Gorgasali changed the capital to Tbilisi.

The Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, Syria, Palestine, and Byzantium have all been favored in the development of mtskheta due to its favorable natural conditions and trade routes, And the work of connecting different cultures is done.

Located just 40 minutes from Tbilisi, Mtskheta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest cities in Georgia. This ancient capital of the country is pre-populated before 1000 BCE and houses some of the most important sites. The city itself is small and takes only an hour or two to see, but there are other sites nearby that are worth visiting.

Visit one of the oldest Christian monasteries in the country

The first landmark that everyone goes on the route to Mtskheta is the monastery, dating back to the 6th century. The name Jvari in English refers to a huge wooden cross erected on the site by King Mirian III after adopting Christianity.

From here, you can enjoy a picturesque view of the confluence of Mountkwari and Araghvi rivers with Shwetasakhovelli and Mtskheta Cathedral in the background.

Although Tbilisi is a vibrant city with so much to see and do, sometimes all you need is a moment or two without the sound of fresh, relatively smoke-free air and breath-taking cars. When she is in need, the nearby city of Mtskheta (pronounced Mush-ket-ah… I think) is a great day trip from Tbilisi. Both Mtskheta and neighboring Jvari monasteries are UNESCO World Heritage Sites for good reason. Below you can find my guide on how to reach Mtskheta from Tbilisi and what to do in Mtskheta.

Things to do in Mtskheta

A day trip from Mtskheta to Tbilisi

Around 1000 BC The Mtskheta area has since been occupied, and the city center that surrounds the central cathedral, is quite attractive with its streets and mountainous backdrop. It is one of the oldest cities in Georgia and its former capital. Mtskheta became a cultural heritage in 1994.

When you go to Georgia surely you want to visit Tbilisi the capital of Georgia. There are a lot more cool places to visit and enjoy great Wines and tastes good food. To go to Tbilisi, first you have to go by metro to Didube. After crossing the tunnel, there will be plenty of taxi drivers, marshrutka (minibus) drivers then you should hire a marshrutka (Minibus), do not listen to the drivers who say there is no Marshrutka they were lying to make you fool.


go towards the “Kazbegi”, and continue your journey. If someone advises you for a taxi, then ignore him and say you want marshrutka..

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta

Its Svetitskhoveli Cathedral remains the scene of important ceremonies for the Georgian Orthodox Church and has its own utility. But the capital Mtskheta has also always maintained itself as the spiritual capital of Georgia. The Georgian people believe that the cathedral was built on robe, the burial ground of Christ, purchased from Roman soldiers.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral mtskheta

There is also a pillar inside the cathedral made of cedar tree, people believe if you have faith and you touch with the good intention, you can heal blindness and cured any diseases.

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